Engage, Interact, Connect and Explode your Sales... All Automically!

Engage and Leverage Your Existing Customers... All Automatically!

We identify your most connected fans and help you create loyalty programs that will keep them coming back for more! And tell all their friends and followers about your business.


Send a message to visitors on their first "Login"

Send a "Thank you for visiting" after every visit.

Send a Happy Birthday Discount Coupon to users 2 weeks before their special day.

Send a Happy Birthday Message on their Birthday.

Reward customers for Visiting 2 times a week, 3 times a week, twice a month.. You decide.

Send Out Special Event & New Product announcements to all users.

Offer a special discount to customers who haven't returned in 30, 60, 90 Days...

Choose who these messages reach...

You can select by Age, Gender, Location, First Visitor or Previous Visitor.

Our innovative marketing engine automatically engages customers, creating Loyalty and top of mind marketing.

  • Premium Product Presentation

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  • The Right Message – Right Now!

  • Why Facebook?

    Why Facebook?
    There are over one billion people using Facebook, which makes it the most lucrative form of marketing one can use for their business

    Why Twitter?

    Why Twitter?
    Twitter has relevance for every business, large or small, due to having countless dimensions that allow it to be utilized in many different marketing strategies.

    Why Google +?

    Why Google +?
    Google+ uses a layout similar to Facebook, that allows for user familiarity, while also integrating features that take digital marketing to the next level.

    The Right Message to the Right Audiance... RIGHT NOW!



    Being able to target 21-35 year old males within a 5 mile radius of your business and tell them that you’re showing the UFC fight tonight. Then right from their smart phone they could click on “Directions” and it would take them straight to your business from their current location. Imagine being able to hand out thousands to tens of thousands of these “Digital Flyers” within hours, anytime. And for less than $20 each time. That’s just one part of our system.

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